There are really many kinds to a car.
All these kind occurs even to a light car and a way of the expression that I can image somehow even if I do not usually know it for the feeling such as a car, freight and the truck technically.
There is the car model of the car said to be a Hiace in such a car.
It is for business use for the image of this car, and the image called the car of a supplier may be strong because I can pile up a lot of baggage including a civil engineer and building constructor.
I can get on in a great number of people, but it cannot be surely said that it is too good because a seat behind is freight.
Therefore it becomes not good enough although I go out in a great number of people in the distance when after all I think about ride comfort.
However, it may be said that it is a convenient car convenient at all for a person performing a person and snowboarding or the ski which do fishing by a hobby routinely even if for business use, a person liking camping again if the number of people thinks this to be able to ride only two people for a reverse idea and thinks that I can pick up baggage behind.
I come to be able to send a considerably comfortable trip now if I think as business to go out with two because a custom is to do it and can make Bet in the carrier if I touch Bet.
The Hiace is a car letting you feel possibility still more in this way.

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